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More than a home away from home

What to look for in a great boarding school

NEWS 28 Nov 2023

There is more than one way to provide your child with a rewarding, inspiring high school education. For many growing young minds — especially those from families in regional or remote areas — choosing to head to boarding school is the ideal next step. It is also one of the most formative and enriching chapters in a young person’s learning journey.

A great boarding school is defined by more than the calibre of its learning program, though. It needs to be a home away from home, a community where every young person feels welcome, seen and supported, and where their wellbeing is as much a priority as a world-class education and there are plenty of ways to stay connected, entertained and develop into well-rounded young adults.

Boarding schools, like Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin, have a unique opportunity to nurture independent, resilient learners, so that they complete their schooling with an enthusiasm for the world and the academic development to get out there and embrace an exciting future.

What should you look for in a boarding school? Download our informative guide

By downloading our informative guide to boarding, you will find some of the key elements of a great boarding school experience and the positive impacts they can have on your children.