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Science Week 2020

NEWS 1 Sept 2020

Science Week 2020 at Haileybury Rendall School was a great success!

This year's theme was 'Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans'.

Filled with fun activities including a photo competition, trivia, challenges and lunchtime activities, Science Week offered students the chance to expand their knowledge on new topics and share new skills.

Our Middle School and Senior School students blended creativity and science with their ‘Under the Sea’ themed chalk masterpieces in the Quad. The students also recreated an ‘old school’ phone system, using tin cans and string as part of their House challenge to find the best communicators, even on an ‘old school’ network.

One team member read out a message while the teammate on the other end interpreted. Each correct message earned a point with all teams racing to collect the most points during lunchtime! The students were surprisingly accurate, even without their modern devices!

A favourite activity in the Junior School was the paper plane challenge! Our students constructed and tested a diverse range of designs to see which type of paper plane could travel the greatest distance. There were certaintly some talented engineers on the field that day!

The fun of continued with an exciting demonstration from Science teacher, Mr Paul Lyons. The Junior School students gathered in the auditorium to learn all about Particle Theory through experiments with liquid nitrogen and hydrogen gas.

As particles gain and lose energy, they change their behaviour – sometimes dramatically! Think popping balloons and bubbles!

Science Week was a great success, and we thank Mr Lyons for his fantastic presentation and all of our staff for the fantastic activities!