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Taking the lead

Meet our 2024 Captains who are ready to step up and make a difference at HRS this year.

NEWS 27 Feb 2024

Keeping a cool head and showing leadership in different situations and at different times is a vital skill, not only within school but in life beyond HRS.

So, creating opportunities for students to step up and shine is an important part of the day-to-day routine across HRS’s classrooms, sports teams, Houses, Boarding House and Social Justice program.

“HRS’s student leaders play an active role in organising major school events, such as fundraisers, competitions, carnivals and occasions like National Reconciliation Week and Harmony Week. They are also a key link between students and teachers and ensure every young person’s voice at HRS is heard,” says Wendy Pickering-Tyers, Deputy Principal, Wellbeing.

“All Prefects and Captains meet regularly with their Head of School and other key staff to plan events and activities, and put forward their ideas for the school. They also meet with the principal to ask questions or make proposals,” says Wendy.

“As HRS grows in size, opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills are emerging and increasing every year”
Wendy Pickering-Tyers, Deputy Principal, Wellbeing

This year’s HRS Captains, Isaiah and Lakshya, are ready to represent the school’s 950-plus students and continue to strengthen the bonds between the year levels.

“I encourage Isaiah and Lakshya to seize every opportunity to take on new experiences and challenges — growth occurs when we stretch ourselves beyond what is familiar or comfortable,” says Wendy.

“I also urge them to ensure they are positive leaders, even when nobody is watching, as this is where true character and integrity exist. I hope Isaiah and Lakshya enjoy the experience in the year ahead and look back on 2024 with pride.”

Meet Isaiah, 2024 HRS Boys School Captain

“What I am looking forward to most this year is getting the opportunities to grow my leadership skills to improve myself and HRS. As Captain, I am hoping to achieve a lasting legacy where the changes we make this year in events and school practices continue on and expand to further benefit the school in years to come.”

An interesting fact about Isaiah: “This year I will be one of the youngest Australians to compete in an official marathon. I will be 18 years and one month old when I compete at the Gold Coast Marathon.”

Meet Lakshya, 2024 HRS Girls School Captain

“This year I am looking forward to collaborating with fellow students to maximise my final year at Haileybury Rendall School and forge remarkable memories together. As Captain, I aspire to introduce new traditions that will leave a lasting legacy and I look forward to cultivating new friendships in the process.”

An interesting fact about Lakshya: “My passion is travelling and meeting people because it provides me with valuable insights into diverse cultures.”