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Young Nature Explorers

NEWS 17 Aug 2020

Reception in the Deep Blue

Did you know, there are nine different species of hammerhead shark?

In Reception, the students have been learning about hammerhead sharks and other creatures that live in our oceans. They created an enormous model of a hammerhead shark to swim through their ocean display.

This is leading up to Science Week and this year’s theme Deep Blue: Innovations for the Future of our Oceans.

The students are exploring the oceans and gathering information on protecting and preserving them and our waterways, and what we can do to protect the animals that live in them.

Preschool Campers

Inspired by our bushwalk during the Holiday Program and spending time with their families exploring our beautiful Territory, the Preschool students are discovering more about the Australian flora and fauna.

This learning experience connects Preschool students to the wider community, helping them understand and learn how Indigenous Australians use flora and fauna for their food, medicine, shelter and tools. It also supports our Preschool students in exploring and learning about animal habitats and where plants grow locally.

Students are encouraged to learn about and understand the protection and preservation of our country’s unique ecosystem including national parks, other reserves and heritage sites.

As many families have been on recent camping trips, the Preschool students decided to create their own camp site. They brainstormed ideas together about what is needed for camping trips, where to obtain food and water and how to remain safe whilst camping.

What will they add to their campsite next?