First VCE Graduates!

The classes for the Year 12 Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) students finished this week, so the students are now busily preparing themselves for VCE final examinations.

This week has been a bittersweet one for our Year 12s as they were given a formal farewell, and graduated with their VCE certificates. The assembly was a ceremonial occasion as it recognised the culmination of thirteen years of education.

Principal Craig Glass and Lillian McGrath (Year 12)

As this group of students are our first to complete the VCE, it was important to recognise the challenges they have overcome through changes in schools and curriculum. We hope they leave Haileybury Rendall School with a sense of excitement for the future and a confidence in the skill-set with which they have been equipped.

Principal Craig Glass and Brendan Minkulk (Year 12)

Whilst the group is small, they have been a cohesive and enthusiastic team who have left their mark on the School. Of course, the hard work does not end there as they prepare for their final examinations which begin in less than a week.

During the Term 3 holidays the students studying Unit 3 and 4 subjects (normally studied in Year 12) and their teachers were regularly seen at school working with their teachers. This included many Year 11 students who are studying one or two Unit 3 and 4 subjects.

We wish all Year 12 students the best for their final assessments and their aspirations for the future. We are extremely proud of their efforts.