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Boarding news

Hello everyone and welcome to back to HRS 2024,

We had a wonderful welcome to boarding event on Tuesday, 30 January and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2024 for HRS boarding.

I suppose I had better introduce myself. My name is Harry Hildebrand, and I am the new Director of Boarding. This first week has been very special, firstly getting to know (in order) the executive team, the other new staff, then all of the staff and my wonderful boarding staff and then this week the boarding students and all of the other students at HRS.

Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming.

FYI a little about me. I was born in Victoria, in Wangaratta named by the Bpangerang people, meaning ‘the cormorant’s resting place’. I worked as a teacher at Wesley College in Melbourne before travelling all over the world and stopping for 26 years to live and work in Peru, in South America. At Markham College in Lima, I developed a holistic teaching programme (called HELIX) which allowed me to work with many, young people in Peru including those from indigenous communities in the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. My wife, Vanessa is Peruvian and my son Luka claims to be ‘half llama/half kangaroo’. We are very excited about living in Darwin and working together to help make Haileybury Rendall School a great world educational institution.

I look forward to meeting all of the HRS Community.

Welcome to boarding - Smoking ceremony & bush tucker

On Tuesday, 30 January a wonderful event was held as a welcome to 2024 for all boarders, parents and families of new boarders and some staff. There was an official welcome, by HRS Principal, Andrew McGregor and myself in Dumabudla.

This was followed by a 'smoking ceremony' led by Trent Lee and a 'bush tucker' meal prepared by Shannon Motlop, Brad Hassell and the boarding staff. It was a great way to start the year and we look forward to a fantastic 2024 in boarding at HRS.

Harry Hildebrand
Director of Boarding