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Boarding news

Painting up a storm

Our boarders have showcased their spectacular artistic flair this week. Embracing the dry season energy, the students created 3 stunning murals to represent each Boarding House. The area was filled with laughter, creativity, singing and teamwork as they raced against the clock to finish their murals in time. When the clock stuck 6.30, a well-deserved celebration was had. Paint brushes were swapped with pizza and footy as the students admired each other's artwork.

Some of our boarders will participate in various activities lined up for National Reconciliation Week. A concert is set for Monday, 3 June with many of the students rehearsing in the newly renovated Dewarra music room. There will be the Yulanga tournament running throughout the week with the Boarding and Middle School Students.

Beyond that, some of our students eagerly await the upcoming Stars Excursion and the Clontarf Camp later this month.

A bustling few weeks for us all in Boarding.

Harry Hildebrand
Director of Boarding