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Early Learning Centre news

Over the past four weeks, our Early Learning Centre (ELC) has been buzzing with the laughter and joy of our returning children and newest additions – the bright and bubbly 3-5 year old superstars of 2024!

As part of our warm ELC family, these little explorers have been embraced by our dedicated team and fellow students, making their transition into our community a seamless and exciting adventure.

The journey began with a series of delightful 'getting to know you' activities that sparked smiles and fostered new friendships. Our students have seamlessly settled into the daily rhythm of our ELC, bringing with them an energy that is never ending.

We have just finished an awesome holiday program that left our students with unforgettable memories. The program was an absolute hit, featuring an assortment of activities tailored just for them. From energetic dance-offs at the disco and cozy camping experiences to thrilling treasure hunts and brain-teasing board games, every day was a new adventure!

Water play and movie days added a refreshing touch, providing the perfect balance between excitement and relaxation. And, of course, our budding Picassos have been hard at work creating masterpieces during our art and craft sessions.

As we continue to nurture the curiosity and imagination of these little minds, we look forward to many more months of laughter, learning, and love. A big shoutout to our returning families for helping create a warm and inclusive environment for our new little stars.

Here's to a fantastic year ahead filled with growth, friendship, and endless possibilities!

Michelle Shaw
Head of Early Learning Centre