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ELC Children Commemorate ANZAC Day

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) children recently took part in a moving ceremony to commemorate ANZAC Day, honouring the memory of those who served and lost their life in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. In preparation for this event, each class created a unique wreath to represent their group, using a variety of photos, colourful craft, and flowers.

In the days leading up to the ceremony, the children engaged in activities to learn about the history and significance of ANZAC Day. Teachers used stories, art, Anzac biscuit baking, and discussions to explain themes like courage, mate-ship, and sacrifice. This learning journey aligns with the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework, which encourages young children to engage with their community and appreciate its cultural heritage.

On the day of the ceremony, the ELC children assembled at the school's flagpole, with Principal McGregor and special guest “Mr. Greg” who served in the armed forces. Representatives from each class carried its own wreath and the children carefully laid them at the base of the flagpole, showing a sense of reverence and reflection. This moment was both touching and symbolic, demonstrating the children's understanding of the event's importance.

Following the wreath-laying, the children stood in respectful silence as "The Last Post" was played. The bugle notes filled the air, creating a solemn atmosphere that reminded everyone of the sacrifices made by so many. The minute's silence that followed was equally moving, with all the children, even the youngest, standing quietly to honour the memory of the fallen.

The respect shown by the ELC children during the ceremony reflected the values they had been learning about. It was clear they had developed an understanding of why ANZAC Day is significant and why it is important to honour those who served.

We are very proud of our ELC children for their participation in this meaningful ceremony. Their thoughtful actions and the support of our dedicated teachers and parents made this ANZAC Day commemoration a success. This event not only honoured those who served but also brought our school community together in a spirit of respect and unity.

Michelle Shaw
Head of Early Learning Centre