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Early Learning Centre news

Celebrating athletics and reconciliation

We’ve had a busy time at the Early Learning Centre (ELC), where we have participated in exciting events and activities that have kept both students and educators engaged and enthusiastic.

Our Athletics Carnival was a fantastic success! The students displayed incredible sportsmanship and energy, participating in races, a range of activity stations, and field events. This year, our ELC students had the special opportunity to join the Junior School, immersing themselves in the House spirit. It was heartwarming to see our youngest athletes proudly wearing their House colours and cheering on their teammates. The determination and joy on their faces was evident as they competed and celebrated their achievements together with the older students.

We have also been involved in a range of reconciliation activities, fostering a sense of community and understanding. We were excited to welcome Dale from Dingo Cockatoo, who shared enriching stories and cultural insights with our students. Dale's visit was a highlight, offering our young learners a deeper appreciation of Indigenous culture and history through interactive workshops.

Another exciting event was the Boarding/Buddy Dinner with our older friends. This special evening allowed our students to dine out and share a meal with their buddies, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere. The children loved the experience of dining together, engaging in meaningful conversations, and building strong bonds with their older peers. It was wonderful to see the smiles and hear the laughter as they connected over delicious food.

In addition, our students participated in the creation of a Rope Web of Reconciliation. This beautiful and symbolic activity involved weaving ropes in colours representing relevant flags, reflecting the unity and connection of our community. This assisted in highlighting the importance of reconciliation and the commitment of our students to understanding and respecting different cultures.

Throughout all these activities, our students demonstrated remarkable engagement and enthusiasm. They embraced every opportunity to learn, participate, and connect, making each event memorable and meaningful. Their positive energy and eagerness to involve themselves in all aspects of school life is a delight to be part of.

We are incredibly proud of our students; it’s been a busy and rewarding time at the ELC, and we look forward to more exciting activities throughout the year.

Michelle Shaw
Head of Early Learning Centre