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Junior School news

Embracing reconciliation, play and innovation

The Junior School very proudly took part in National Reconciliation Week last week and were enthusiastically involved in many activities that were offered such as the animal encounter and the Ochre painting with Dingo Cockatoo, classroom activities and the concert. It was heart-warming watching the students embrace Reconciliation Week and gain a deeper understanding of what this means to us individually, and as a school.

There was lots of excitement in the Transition space around our new playground facility. Over the past two weeks, the students have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful addition to our school. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, they are eager to play on the new playground at every opportunity.

Last Friday, the Junior School was a sea of colour as we held our annual Sports Carnival. It was a fantastic event filled with enthusiasm and team spirit. It was wonderful to see the students giving their very best and displaying exceptional sportsmanship and teamwork. Thank you to all the parents who came out to support the students. A special thank you to Mr. Hill, the P.E. department, and our dedicated classroom teachers for their tremendous effort in organising and executing such a successful day.

We also had a group of students participate in the Makers Empire competition. Our school was one of the selected participants in the NT. Students were given a 3D printer and came up with many designs that they were able to showcase at the competition. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to explore their creativity and innovation.

Thank you, parents, for your continued support during what has been a very busy semester. As we approach the upcoming holidays, I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy the break with your children. I look forward to seeing you all next semester.

Lisa Doyle
Head of Junior School