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Senior School news

Welcome to Semester 2. It has been a busy start as our students transitioned into new content and electives and began VCE and VCEVM Units 2 and Unit 4.


As part of VCE Unit 3-4, students are required to complete VCAA exams in October and November. Completing an assessment under timed conditions can be challenging, therefore having the opportunity to practice the required skills, and having the right mindset is crucial for success. Exam week was a chance for students from Year 7 to Year 11 to have the chance to experience and learn from the process. As teachers review the exams in class it is important for students to focus on the advice and feedback, not the score. This is an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

Student activities

As always there are a multitude of activities for students to participate in. On Friday, 10 May VCE Drama students presented ‘Welcome to...GRWM’, their Unit 3 Ensemble Performance SAC, written and performed by senior Drama students. The performance was a visual experience of thought-provoking scenes. Congratulations to Enrico Santos (Year 12), Trinity Coleman (Year 12), Lakshya Canda (Year 12), Chelsea Howland (Year 12), Isabelle Edwards (Year 11), Breanna McCoy (Year 11) and Marc Genebraldo (Year 12) for this achievement

The Early Bird reading sessions (run by Year 12 students each Friday morning), are beginning to gain attention from the Junior school students as Will McCue discovered!

The Year 12 Formal Committee are also putting the final touches on the preparation of the inaugural Year 12 Formal taking place on Friday, 14 June. It is expected to be the event of the Semester!

Kylie Mobilia
Head of Senior School