Army Adventure

Recently, our STARS group along with Casuarina Senior College, Dripstone Middle School and Sanderson Middle School STARS were invited to the Robertson Barracks Army reserve with WO1 Kelly Hammant from 1 RQMS 1 CSR for an exciting engagement activity with a few different areas of the defence force.

In the first session, they were divided into two groups; one group entered the “Dome” and the other group was directed to a lawn to see the armoury. They met with 10 soldiers who demonstrated the steps to launching a missile. It took a team of eight men to direct, assemble and fire the missile. These bullets were all at least 40-45 kgs! On one side of the tank they were able to look through the binoculars to see the direction in which it was firing up to a kilometre.

The girls were allowed to try on their vests which weigh at least 15kg along with their helmets and firearms. They were surprised to learn how heavy all the equipment was and started to understand why our soldiers need to be physically fit to be in the army. The girls had the opportunity to ask the soldiers questions about their roles, the training required and how they became soldiers.


In the "Dome", also known as a battle-simulation centre, the students were all very impressed with this highly expensive equipment that can actually bring up a location anywhere in the world.

The soldiers explained how the technology all works, the girls then had the opportunity to have a closer look and feel through of the equipment. Cerelina Dempsay and Brenda Gumbula volunteered to “call a mission in” and actually re-enact a bombing from a missile.

“There were three binoculars set up and each of them served a different purpose. I looked through the middle one which gives the base the co-ordinates of the direction where the enemies lie. Once I figured out where they were Brenda had to radio them in to the home base to set the missile to fire. After Brenda gave the directions we could see of the Dome screen the missile had hit the big tanks. I thought it was good, something new to try, we got to go to places on base I haven’t been before. I am looking forward to the next session, next term.” – Cerelina Dempsay.


The last and most popular part of the visit was with the Military Police, possibly due to the cute dogs! The crew from the dog squad explained why the army use military dogs and what training is required to become a military police. This includes 24/7 care for the dogs, constant scenarios and training the dog and officers to work together.

We finished off with a chat with the military police who work with the forensics team. They gave an explanation of the types of evidence they can gather at a crime scene, the equipment that they take and how to identify if something may be a piece of evidence. They then had a scenario set up which the girls had the opportunity to identify evidence.

Overall it was a pretty amazing day we all learnt so much about the different areas of the army and what small role the different divisions play for soldiers to continue their training and be fully prepared in the event of any emergency.