ELC at Territory Wildlife Park

This term our Reception and Preschool students went on an exciting excursion to the Territory Wildlife Park.

The students had the opportunity to learn about various native animals, plants and displays that showed the different natural habitats in the Northern Territory.

The Reception group particularly enjoyed the large aquarium where they encountered an array of fish, coral, eels and a 3.8m saltwater crocodile named Bruce!

The Preschool students visited the large nocturnal house with a range of Top End animals that usually come out at night such us wallabies, possums, gliders, owls, snakes and a tarantula.

All students were in awe of the bird show at the Flight Deck, getting up close with an emu, owls, wedge-tail eagles and curlews, just to name a few! Before returning to school, the group had an informative talk on the black-headed python and a few pointers on snake safety.

It was wonderful to bring the students to a unique learning experience and explore more of their world.