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Celebrating Indonesian Language

NEWS 10 Sept 2021

In Week 7 we had a special Middle School assembly to celebrate Indonesia presented by Indonesian language studies students. We acknowledged the anniversary of Indonesian independence and the ongoing relationship between Australia and Indonesia. Year 7 and 8 students Satrya Armand and Adijaya Sumendra along with the Year 7 Stars girls presented the acknowledgement of Country in Indonesian. Then the Year 9 Indonesian students, Darcy Mancer, Sia Ginnis and Bonnie Peacocke both presented and danced for students in which many students and staff joined in.

Darcy and Sia spoke about the importance of Indonesia to Australia and particularly the people of Darwin in which trade between our two countries has existed for a long time. The Macassan people from South Sulawesi spent many years trading sea cucumbers, language and ideas with the Yolngu people from Arnhem Land in particular. This exchange is still seen today with many words adopted into the language of Yolngu such as Balanda, prau and rupiah.

They also acknowledged the Independence of Indonesia which occurred on the 17th of August 1945 and is celebrated every year. Independence Day is an important event for Indonesia in which there are both formal and informal celebrations. We were fortunate to invite a guest to speak to us about this important occasion.

Ibu Mardiana Warnenes from the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Darwin, escorted by Year 12 students Faith Stevens and Nya Parashar, spoke to students and shared about the relationship from the Indonesian perspective. After the assembly concluded the Consulate presented the Deputy Principal, Felicity Pearson, and the Year 8 class with a special gift of books for the library which will be treasured by students in the years to come. Students engaged in conversation in Indonesian with the staff from the Consulate about why they are learning Indonesian and what they enjoy about learning Indonesian.