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Resilience in Middle School

NEWS 19 Feb 2021

The theme of resilience is being unpacked for our Middle School during Term 1, through our assemblies, classrooms and extracurricular activities. A YouTube clip from former First Lady Michelle Obama, was shown to students at assembly last week that challenged students to adopt this attribute for future success. In the clip Mrs Obama posed the questions “Who are you going to be?”, “How are you going to respond?” She referred to growth mindset, determination and over coming weaknesses that can be applied to any situation that is encountered.

Mr Andrew McGregor also addressed the students about being great and used a real life situation that he found himself in to illustrate the skills and strategies within G.R.E.A.T.

  • Grit – don’t give up, hang in whatever happens, persist
  • Resilience – bounce back, it’s all right to be disappointed, bounce back better
  • Effort – nothing good comes easily, always try your best, work hard
  • Adaptability – stay calm, adjust to whatever happens, try a new strategy
  • Think – draw on everything you have learned

For those of you that have been with Haileybury Rendall School for some time, you and your children are not strangers to the terms GRIT and Growth Mindset. It may appear that we are repeating ourselves, actually we are, but for good reason. It is these skills that support your children for long term success.

Recent study in 2020 supports our messages to the students. Researchers found that schools that improve student’ social and emotional development – social skills, a sense of belonging and a growth mindset, for example – have a much larger effect on long term outcomes. You can read the full article here.

To further support the students with the concept of resilience, a guest performer will attend assembly with a show titled Kia Toa. One of our Middle School goals is to improve students’ understanding, and application, of empathy. This too was discussed with students, including the reasons why it is a goal and where it fits into the issues that are often faced at this age. Empathy is a way to support others. The skill of empathy will be key to our Whole School Wellbeing Program, that is currently under development by the Pastoral Care team.