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Year 3 Career Expo

NEWS 25 June 2021

This term, Year 3 parents were invited to be a part of our inquiry topic of 'how individuals can have an impact on society.' On Thursday, 17 June, ten parents volunteered their time to put together an engaging presentation for the students to learn about their careers. The students and teachers were extremely thankful for the presentations as the morning was truly rewarding for everyone, including the parents.

The Career Expo was a first for Year 3 students at Haileybury Rendall School. There were many exciting moments, terrific questions and opportunities to think about things from different perspectives. Students were asked to rank how much of an impact each career had on society. The scores varied due to the student's personal life experiences, however, made for an interesting conversation when we discussed the results.

Here are a few quotes from the children in Year 3 Gold:

Audrey – Physios help you with your body and if you broke your arm, and it's been bent for a long time, physios help you move it.

Isla – Once, the policeman had to smash a locked car window to rescue a baby. Ezekiel – The Mayor, she tries to make Palmerston a better place.

Mitchell – The police stop COVID19 from coming to the NT. Grace – The tugboat captain makes an impact by guiding the big ships.

Cameron – A mortgage and finance broker makes an impact by helping people save.

Harry – An ultrasound worker sees what's causing problems in the body and can see babies.

Scarlet – The police have a dog called Flinders at the airport. He sniffs bags to make sure no one brings drugs into Darwin.

Jirra – The film maker stops people from getting bored by entertaining them and making them laugh.

Sarah – The pet carer makes sure that dogs are okay.