2019 Student Leaders

Congratulations to our 2019 Student Leaders who have now been inducted as captains!

Those elected as most worthy to lead Haileybury Rendall School have earned their role by demonstrating excellence in all they do as well as passion and a desire to bring about change.

Last Monday these students came together to explore what leadership meant to them and how they would like to increase School Spirit in 2019.

Leading the School in 2019 are:

School Captains - Lily McGrath and Lachlan Kendrick

Arts Prefect – Cerys Hughes

Boarding Prefect – Samantha Arnold

Social Justice Prefect – Jack Haritos

Sports Prefect – Brendan Minkulk

Baru Prefect – Amelia Pollon

Djarrak Prefect – Connor Rudd

Nganabaru Prefect – Connor McCabe

Pumarali Prefect – Bianca Warren

Despite the diverse focus within this Student Leadership group, they believe the only way forward is to unite their skills and actively work as a team.

Something, we have no doubt, will be achieved.

There are many wonderful ideas which they have already come up with which the school can look forward to next year.

We cannot wait to begin working with this team of student leaders!