Care Flight NT

Earlier this term we were lucky enough to take Year 12 students Courtney Huddleston and Nicole Dhurrkay to Care Flight NT for a workplace tour.

Care Flight’s mission is to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community by providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care to the ill and injured.

The tour was held by a local Indigenous woman – Justine Williams.

Justine showed the girls footage of people who have required Care Flights Emergency Services as well as the doctors and pilots who work for them.

They were then given a tour of their brand new hanger which have training facilities, sleeping quarters, logistic and administration offices, equipment for staff safety and emergency equipment.

The girls watched a helicopter being serviced by a team of engineers, one of whom spoke to them about his role and how delicate their individual tasks were, and that a team effort provided the best outcome.

We also saw inside one of the planes that are used for transporting patients.

The girls all enjoyed the tour and agreed it looked like a good place to work.