National RoboCup Competition

Did you know the ultimate goal of RoboCup is that by the middle of the 21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall play (and win!) a soccer game against the (human) world champions?

You’re not the only one who that mission has caught attention of!

This self-proclaimed “educational game of the new millennium” has certainly captured the imagination of our students!

After the success of the NT competition, with two second places, Haileybury Rendall School participated in the National RoboCup competition, from 5 to 7 October in Melbourne.

In the team for the Robot Soccer competition, were Bijan Heydarpour and Nelson Spain from (both in Year 7), William Thomas (Year 9) and Hamish McCoy(Year 10).

For Secondary Rescue Lachlan McCoy (Year 7) and Bruna Moizao (Year 8) competed and teachers Kelly Findlay and Raul Moizao completed the group.

The students were not only excited by the opportunity to compete but also get the chance to visit Melbourne with their peers and explore!

The Melbourne Museum, Fitzroy Gardens, old trams and exploring downtown were all crowd favorites amongst the group.

The competition rolled around quickly with our students excited to do their best in representing our school at the big event held at Melbourne Park Function center.

The excursion was a success with students ranking in the middle of the table on both competitions, which is a remarkable achievement considering it’s the first time we had participated.

Students also wisely used this opportunity to meet new people and to swap ideas, from computer programming to robot design, making new friends.

We have been so pleased to see them return to Darwin richer with ideas and experiences ready for another go at it next year.