Poppy Project

Junior School students have been very busy these last few weeks, working on a special ‘Poppy Project’ for the RSL.

Each year the RSL requires over 60,000 poppies to commemorate the end of World War I, and our Junior School students have taken up the challenge.

With the help of local ladies group Beefsteak n Burgundy Club the students are being taught how to knit and crochet poppies out of red yarn, with black buttons or beads for the centres.

The students are learning ‘French knitting’ technique either on a special plastic wheel, or a homemade substitute with paddle-pop sticks attached firmly to a cardboard roll tube.

Year 6 teacher, Ms Georgina Blackburn is leading the weekly session of poppy making with 20 students participating in the project.

During the process the students learn the skills and manual dexterity required to produce the poppies, in addition to learning about an important event of Australian and World history

So far, the students have contributed 437 poppies to the project and will continue to make them until mid year when they will be sent down to Canberra.