Rendall Radio

A group of VCAL students visited TEABBA - Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association - to talk about their experience of boarding at Haileybury Rendall School.

As part of their VCAL Literacy excursion, the students prepared in class for what might be involved in hosting or being part of a radio show.

Head of Aboriginal Education and VCAL teacher, Melissa Cole, prepared the students in the weeks beforehand for what is involved in hosting or being a part of a radio show.

This excursion was the start of a training experience that our lucky VCAL students will undertake with the generous staff at TEABBA.  

Once the students have completed their training at TEABBA they will be able to run their own radio shows with the School's broadcasting equipment.

This valuable training could also end in paid positions for some of our students, as well as provide more direct communication to some of our parents and family members in isolated communities.

TEABBA is a not for profit organisation formed by Top End community members who recognised the need to encourage and assist the development of local broadcasting and information services in remote communities.

It provides operational support for the 29 remote Aboriginal broadcasting units in Aboriginal communities across the Top End of Australia.

These shows are often in the local language, relaying community announcements, interviewing visiting Government departments and other guests.

Haileybury Rendall School is proud to be building a partnership with TEABBA and teaching students valuable new skills