Special Visitors

Last week, Haileybury Rendall School was honoured to welcome Senator Patrick Dodson to visit our new School.

Senator Patrick Dodson is known to many as the ‘Father of Australia’s Reconciliation Movement’ and celebrated for his advocacy work for Aboriginal people.

Principal Craig Glass, Sen. Partick Dodson and the Hon. Warren Snowdon

Joined by Principal Craig Glass and the Hon. Warren Snowdon, Senator Dodson toured the new and improved School facilities and and boarding houses. It was a great opportunity for our local politicians to see the many pathways available to the students at Haileybury Rendall School.

Both Mr Snowdon and Senator Dodson spoke with groups of students, acknowledging that students must stay strong in their cultural and family connections.

Senator Dodson presented the students with a heartfelt talk on the importance of education and students utilising their full potential. Having been through the boarding system himself, he was able to relate his schooling experiences back to our Aboriginal students and provided them with helpful advice.

We thank Senator Dodson and Mr Snowdon for spending time with our students and sharing their words of wisdom.