Student Leadership Opportunities

Junior School Leadership Workshop

What makes a good leader? Our Year 5 and 6 student leaders recently participated in a workshop to find out and develop their understanding of the concept of leadership.

The hands-on workshop introduced the students to a variety of leadership styles before focusing on specific skills essential for all leaders.

The student leaders had the opportunity to discuss the best ways to fulfill their roles effectively and reflected on their experience working together, which has been very positive!

“It was really fun to work with the other leaders to develop our leadership capacity,” Finn Wang, Nganabaru Vice-Captain.

We are looking forward to seeing these outstanding leaders work together again in our next workshop later in the year.

Our Junior School leaders will be putting their new skills to good use, coordinating the whole school 'Book Bonanza' activities in Week 6 to uplift spirits in all areas of school life.

Buddy Sessions

2020 has provided several new experiences for Junior School students due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Recently, students enjoyed the opportunity to meet with each other for our first House meeting of the term.

Unfortunately, due to social distancing, parents and guardians were unable to participate although we hope to once again welcome all those with a valid Ochre Card to assist in the future.

Our students enjoyed interacting with others in their House, getting to know one another a little better and taking part in a range of sporting activities.

The aim of this session was to continue to build House spirit and strengthen the sense of belonging that an effective House system provides.

Students across the Junior School and ELC worked with their ‘buddy’ in class and it was very impressive to see the patient and caring approach shown by our older students. The younger students were also very enthusiastic and energetic in the buddy sessions.

Raising Our Flags

Middle School leaders have joined their Senior School counterparts in raising and lowering the Australian, Northern Territory and Aboriginal flags each weekday. It is a welcome return and the dry season winds will certainly assist with this.

We thank our wonderful leaders for taking on this important responsibility.