Welcome Back for 2020

Welcome back for 2020 and what promises to be another successful year at Haileybury Rendall School. There was a great sense of excitement welcoming the students back to school on the first day.

The staff commenced in the previous week in preparation for the students’ arrival. We began the year with over 100 new students and 27 new teachers.The continued growth in enrolments is wonderful and highlights the School’s continued good standing in the Darwin community.

On Friday, 31 January we held the Whole School Welcoming Assembly. It was wonderful to see the Dumabudla Centre full for the first time, highlighting how far the School has come.

The Assembly was led by our new School Captains Tippi Morgan and Antonio Molinaro-Rathsmann. We wish them well for a great year and look forward to their leadership of the student body.

We were delighted to welcome Larrakia Elder, Aunty Bilawara Lee to our Assembly to perform the Welcome to Country. Aunty B, as she prefers to be called, has been very generous with her time to HRS and now feels a part of our community.

In welcoming us to Larrakia land she also gave sound advice to our students that emphasised the importance of hard work. She even shared some of her own life journey.

As the students left the Dumabudla Centre they participated in a Smoking Ceremony. The significance was explained to the students by Aunty B. In her words:

The Smoking Ceremony is an ancient ritual that the Larrakia people have done since the Dreamtime and it is a very important ritual we do before all important events.

The smoke is a spiritual cleanser and will dissolve all negativity from those who walk through the smoke – it activates a spiritual healing and will support each person on their life journey – without being weighed down by damaging and destructive energies.

It wards off bad spirits and makes a better pathway for a brighter future.

We were very grateful for her nephew, Trent Lee, who performed the Smoking Ceremony both after the Assembly and also for the ELC students later that morning.

It was wonderful to the have School community come together for a great start to the year.