Outdoor Adventures!

This week our Year 3 and 4 students returned from their Outdoor Education Experiential Learning Programs at Coomalie Creek and Litchfield.

During the program the Year 3 students visited Coomalie Camp and slept in tents, created paintings using items from nature, competed in the Bush Olympics, and cooled off with a water fight. 

They also helped to prepare a dinner of potatoes roasted on the campfire with bacon and coleslaw, followed by biscuits and marshmallows for dessert. 

On the final day we were joined by the Year 4 students for a big BBQ before making the bus ride back to school.

The Year 4 students spent two days in Litchfield as part of their Experiential Learning Program. Using Litchfield Tourist Park as a base, students explored the areas around Florence Falls, Buley Rockholes and Shady Creek.

On Thursday, 4I spent a great session playing at Buley Rockholes while 4E went snorkelling at Florence Falls, discovering all the creatures that live in the plunge pool. Back at camp everyone enjoyed a dinner of barbecue burritos and countless games of sardines. 

The enthusiasm of the students was excellent, and we are looking forward to future Outdoor Education adventures.