Expedition to Litchfield

Congratulations to all of our Year 7 students who completed their first ever expedition style trip in Litchfield from June 12-15.

The students were required to carry their belongings between campsites, cook their meals on Trangias and fires, and look after themselves and their group in an outdoor setting for 4 days.

They got to discover some hidden off track secrets in Litchfield and swim in secluded water holes most people never get to see.

Whilst in the field, the students employed some of the water testing skills they have been learning in their science classes this year to test whether the Florence Creek was suitable for drinking.

Other highlights of the trip included snorkeling in Florence Falls, raft building and slack lining in Shady Creek.

The students are to be commended for their attitude and behaviour throughout the week which was excellent across the board.

We look forward to exploring further into the great outdoors with this group on their next wilderness expedition in Year 8.