Journey to Douglas Station

Well done to all the Year 8 students who completed their Outdoor Education Expedition at Douglas Station during Term 2.

Over the 5-day program, the students hiked 10 km, carrying packs with all the equipment their group needed to survive in the outdoors. 

The students prepared and cooked their tasty meals on a camp fire using Trangia camp stoves, with the group’s favourite meal was the stew!

During the expedition the group also navigated off-track sections of the bushwalk, explored gorges, swam and mountain biked over 20 km. All the while, they were working within their groups to solve challenges along the way.

The Year 8 program is a step up from previous year level programs in terms of distances covered and the remoteness of the sites visited; however, by adopting self-management techniques and a positive attitude, the students successfully completed the expedition with a smiles!

A very special thanks to Tim Cowen, Tom Nairn, Vincent Thorbjornsen, Lara Liebmann, Lisa Gronau, Tippi Morgan, Con Gerasimon, Ben Goode and Craig Rouse.

We look forward to seeing the students complete the Year 9 and 10 expeditions in the coming years.