Rocket Launch

Haileybury Rendall School’s first after school STEM club, the Thought Bureau, finished Term 1 with a bang as students sent their rockets off after five weeks of building and testing.

Eighteen students from Years 5 to 7 attended sessions after school for five weeks with the project of building rockets. The project culminated with ignition on the school oval.

Students worked either in small groups or individually to build the rockets with some rudimentary instructions and parts, with the idea being that they had to solve their own problems and do their own research.

As the rockets set off the students received direct feedback on what was a good design and what could be improved. The students worked diligently on their projects and should be proud of their efforts as they learnt to design, test and improve their thinking.

In Term 2, a new set of projects will start on designing and testing electrical circuits and motors.